Experts approximate fiction to reality.


Short documentaries of 45” produced inassociation with Sony Chanel and AXN those have brought experts to comment thepossibility of those game’s situations could happen in real life. 

Intelligent extraterrestrial life – Thespeaker announcer tells the story acquainting the viewer with the environment experimentedwith the game: “In the Halo Universe, humanity has colonized space and they arein war with intelligent extraterrestrial civilizations those want to decimatehumankind. What is the probability that will happen in a near future? At thismoment, the ufologist Chico Penteado comes into play for talking about hissubject. 

Protection systems – Gerardo Portelacomments about  super armors. The speakerannouncer habituates the audience with the narration and then Portela commentsthat despite it looks like fiction super armors are so much closer to realitythat it is imaged.